The company has the advantages of low cost, whole process monitoring and high flexibility. To achieve freight circulation in East China, Southwest China and South China, including Kunshan, Wujiang, Suzhou High-tech Zone and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone.

The company designs the optimum route, integrates the special line transportation, saves the waste of empty car return; according to the customer's order demand, makes the material supply timely, controls the quantity of purchase, maintains the lower inventory, saves the cost; realizes JIT supply to the greatest extent.

The company undertakes the whole vehicle and part-load cargo transportation all over the country, and accepts the express service from Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Wuhan, Chongqing, Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang and Urumqi.

The company also opened special express lines from Kunshan to Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Hunan, Wuhan and the surrounding areas. The door-to-door service is safe, fast and the price is reasonable.

Special Line Transportation
Cost reduction

Whole process monitoring
Time-to-time tracking

International DDU
Flexible delivery

Network Coverage - Total Storage Resources90,000㎡

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai
Kunshan Bonded Warehouse30,000㎡
Kunshan Non-Bonded Warehouse6,000㎡
Kunshan thermostat4,000㎡
Suzhou Bonded Warehouse2,000㎡
Suzhou non-bonded warehouse1,000㎡
Ningbo Non-bonded Warehouse4,000㎡
Non-bonded warehouse3,0000㎡
Bonded Warehouse3,0000㎡
Non-bonded warehouse5,000㎡
Shenzhen non-bonded warehouse2,000㎡
Dongguan warehouse in preparation.....
Hong Kong
Yuen Long Transfer Warehouse500㎡
Xiamen non-bonded warehouse2,500㎡

Owned Vehicle Resources

Customs Vehicles70Vehicle
Container truck90Vehicle
Bracket Car70Vehicle
China Port Transport Vehicle20Vehicle

External vehicle resources

Customs Vehicles300Vehicle
Container truck480Vehicle
Bracket Car200Vehicle
China Port Transport Vehicle150Vehicle

Transportation network


Sign distribution agreements with agents of nearly 30 provinces (including 55 line cities) to achieve door-to-door service.
East China Operating Center
Kunshan, Wujiang, Jiangyin Suzhou High-tech Development Zone and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
South China Operating Center
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan and Hong Kong
Southwest Operating Center
Southwest Operating Center

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