Greatyu is your reliable logistics supplier. We have strong execution ability, rapid response ability and resource integration ability, can provide you with integrated logistics services and value-added services.

Temperature Control Storage Area

Ground storage area

Medium shelf area

Valuable Goods Storage Area

Heavy shelf area

Five-fold Safety Protection

Various kinds of insurance

Provide a variety of insurance options such as transport insurance, all property insurance, public liability insurance, etc.

Warehouse security facilities

Infrared monitoring system, 24-hour closed-circuit television video recording system, anti-theft alarm system, alarm system directly connected to the monitoring center

Information security

High-level information hardware and software facilities, a dual host data backup mechanism, dual optical fiber enterprise servers, switches, firewalls, cluster concurrent processing, second-level synchronization. Ensuring Service Data Security, Efficiency and Accuracy

Electric Power Guarantee

AB line dual power supply/self-contained UPS uninterruptible power supply/diesel generator set, sufficient for emergency power demand

Warehouse services and support facilities

We have a WMS-based BKWE warehouse operation management process, from tallying, distribution, picking up goods to computer bar code labeling, shelf management, etc., we are good at every detail!


Owned loading and unloading stand
Trucks/containers can go straight through the lane
Lift door lock


All entrance guards have metal locks
Smoke detector
Fire sprinkler


Fire sprinkler
Fire extinguishers
Fire alarm system

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