Customs Certification, Customs Diagnosis, Customs Operation, Customs Consulting, Customs Management, while sharing enterprise affairs, reducing risks and reasonably saving enterprise's import and export expenses, help to improve the preparation and timeliness of customs operations, at the same time, improve the speed and convenience of write-off and accelerate the upgrading of enterprise grade assessment.

Developing Extended Characteristic Logistics

Greatyu is proficient in customs clearance procedures and environment. He acts as an agent for cargo filing, declaration, tax payment and certificate handling in and out, ensures the time limit for customs clearance preparation with high efficiency, and maintains close cooperation with customs, commodity inspection, airport, airlines and shipping companies for many years.

Customs declaration, inspection and consultation

Acting for customs declaration, tax deduction and exemption, license, manual filing, deep processing carry-over, etc.

Reporting for Inspection and Consulting for Procuratorial Affairs

Acting for Import and Export Business of Export Processing Zone

Acting for import and export business of bonded warehouse

Agency Export Processing Zone Export Tax Rebate "One-Day Tour" Business

Customs consultation, tailor-made professional logistics solutions for customers

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